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Procedures And Regulations

 Industrial Cities Procedures


QP Industrial Cities Directorate has published numerous policies and procedures to assist businesses and investors. Some of the more important and relevant areas are listed below. 

Health, Safety and Environment:
Environmental Approval Procedure
​ ​
​​Development Planning & Engineering:
Procedure and Regulation governing the Requirements for Consolidated Permit to Work in Common Areas of MIC and RLC
Guidelines for Submission of Building Permit and Completion Certificate Applications to QP Industrial Cities in MIC
Guidelines for Corridors and Corridor Crossings in RLC Rev 03
Guidelines for Building Permit Technical Submissions to QP Industrial Cities in RLC
Guidelines for Site Grading and Drainage
Guidelines for Development of Roads by End Users/Contractors
Guidelines for Submitting Hydrostatic Test Packages to QP-DC
Guidelines for Submitting Pneumatic Test Packages to QP-DC
Design Guidelines for Road Pavement
Guidelines for Submission of Sub-Corridor plans and drawings in MIC and RLC
​ ​